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As seen on the Today Show and in the New York Times.

The following are just a few of the many responses we have received, both from clients who have benefited from our work and from psychotherapists who have used The Lefkoe Method to produce similar results in their clients.

Before joining our Speaking Without Fear Program Cyndi Luk said, " When I used to speak in public, it was very nerve racking, I used to practically pass out. I was very terrified."* Watch the video below to hear how she improved.

Before joining our Speaking Without Fear Program Catherine Maley told us, "I had a great fear of public speaking and in my career I needed to be at the podium talking to hundreds of doctors."* Watch the video below to hear how she changed.

After using the Lefkoe Method to work on some personal issues Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul said, "Morty's got a technique that works like magic."*

Neal Rogin described our program as, "simple, elegant, painless and fast." He also said, "In a way I thought: Why did I wait this long. Why didn't I do this sooner?"*

Tim Smith said recently "I underwent the experince not quite 2 years ago. One of my concerns was that this would go in one ear and out the other but it has stayed with me. My fear is gone."*

After Robert Gonzalez finished the Speaking Without Fear Program he said, "Two years ago I never would have sat in front of a camera giving this testimony I would have had fear, my voice would have been cracking I would have been falling out of this chair."* Watch below to see how he composes himself now.

Listen as Janet Atwood tells how her fear of public speaking disappeared in 30 minutes using The Lefkoe Method.*

I was in front of a group and felt like it was a normal thing to be doing - before I would have been paralyzed, shaking inside and embarrassed and trying not to show it. Now, I am eager to tell people what a great job they are doing and I would never have done that before. I'm a real cheerleader for people now. I get hugs from people and a tremendous response from people - people never wanted to hug me and be around me and they do now. I wish I called you years ago. I'm very happy.*

Katherine Mullone, Skin Care Expert

I just got back from my speaking presentation in Albuquerque. It went really well. I was so comfortable on stage I surprised my self. There were about 54 people which consisted of 26 buying parties in the room. We sold 6 of our Executive Purpose Hawaii Retreats, including bookings for next year which represented a 25% closing ratio. I would say on the scale of 1-10, I was less than a 1. I really was not nervous. My mouth got a little dry, but I recovered after getting a drink of water. I received a lot of great feedback, people were inspired, etc.

So I have to say it is the first time in my life I experienced actual enjoyment of speaking in front of a group. This is my goal realized. I want to have fun and enjoy and inspire! So thank you Rodney for your help getting me here. I really appreciate your support!*

Desiree Watson

(Letha Edwards is a Certified Lefkoe Process Facilitator and this is one of her recent clients)

I want to express to you my heartfelt appreciation for guiding me out of my fears of public speaking by using the Lefkoe processes. The changes brought about from our work together have been exceptional. When I began the work, my fear of public speaking was a "10+" (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being absolute terror). I have had a lifelong debilitating fear of public speaking, public performance, and being the center of attention. Prior to calling you, I had tried numerous techniques or "cures" without success (e.g., Neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive-behavioral therapy, rational-emotive therapy, flooding and desensitization, and hypnosis).

I had become discouraged and skeptical. After our work together, my fear has decreased from a "10+" to a "2." More importantly, you have given me freedom-the freedom to be myself with others and to assert my VOICE-where I had previously been shackled by anxiety, fear, embarrassment, and shame. Letha, I appreciate your skill, your integrity, your compassion, and your insight. You were able to creatively and systematically peel away and discard the many layers of my deep-seated and complex problem.

As an attorney, I am not one usually given to hyperbole, but I feel that the Lefkoe processes used in our sessions are works of genius, profundity, and transcendance. I am flabbergasted that Morty could have developed a system like this. But that is the very definition of genius-the ability to synthesize from disparate approaches and tools, and to create where nothing had existed before.*

Thanks again for everything. Please take care.

With gratitude,
W.C., Attorney at Law (name withheld by request)
St. Paul, Minnesota

You can significantly reduce or even get rid of anxiety related to public speaking. A Lefkoe instructor will show you how the very unpleasant feeling you experience while speaking in front of a group is a nothing more than a Pavlovian reaction to beliefs developed over your lifetime. Once these beliefs are unlearned so are the crazy feelings and reactions that go along with public speaking. You can finally be yourself while speaking in public.*

David P. Brady
President and Chief Investment Officer
Brady Investment Counsel LLC

I used to get nervous before speaking and question whether what I had to say was important or entertaining enough. As such, I would avoid situations where I had to speak or I would spend an incredible amount of energy beforehand being nervous. Since working with Morty, I had the opportunity to speak in front of 1200 people. My intention was to be spontaneous and authentic -- and I was! Without fear!

This is great in that I no longer have to waste time or energy being nervous before speaking. It's hard to believe that 3 sessions can undo of years of a belief, but it's true.* I would definitely recommend to anyone being held back by a fear of public speaking or wasting energy worrying about what they may say, talk to Morty. Quit being stuck!

Beth Burns, Professional Life Coach

Every time I had to stand up in front of an audience of as few as 30 people I felt a real fight-and-flight panic reaction. I gave a three-hour class last night at Cal State Long Beach and felt no fear at all.

My fear of public speaking had stopped me from completing my Ph.D. I knew that after my book was written I would have to speak publicly in order to spread my message. My fear of public speaking kept me from completing my degree requirements. I now feel ready to write and promote a book that I have been procrastinating about for a full year.

Due to my fear of public speaking I had been limited in the promotional activities that I could select to enhance my business. Now that the fear is gone, I am equipped to speak publicly and promote my business in ways I could not before.

Originally I had felt somewhat skeptical until I got in front of a room filled with people and realized that I was no longer in a state of panic. I really appreciate The Lefkoe Method because the fear is gone.

People have a choice about living with the fear of public speaking. They can use The Lefkoe Method to overcome the fear.*

Frumi Barr, Business Advisor

My fear of public speaking was preventing me from getting promoted and handling more responsibility. I would stutter, get anxious, and make mistakes in front of my managers and important clients. As a result, my managers did not think I had the abilities to be promoted.

After my 2 sessions with Morty, my fear was 100% gone.

The funny thing was that I didn't even realize that and I was successfully doing presentations until Morty called to check in.

Since completing my sessions, I've successfully done 2 presentations to 20 people, some of whom were antagonistic to me; held my own and stood up for myself in front of others; and met 2 Chief Officers of a firm and talked to them with poise, knowledge, and was articulate.

It was funny seeing my coworker stammering, acting anxious, and making mistakes- the same stuff I used to do until 2 weeks ago.

The best thing I like about overcoming my fear is that I now sound intelligent and competent to my clients and managers, so that I can garner more respect and perhaps a promotion.

Using The Lefkoe Method to overcome my fear was quick and interesting. We started with fear, and then I soon realized that this was something I picked up in childhood and also involved judgment, low self-esteem, shame, and embarrassment. We quickly went through everything painlessly and effortlessly in 2 sessions.

I think the best thing about this process is that it's results have lasted for the past 7 years.

I didn't need to spend 6 months on a doctor's couch, and I saw the results immediately.*

Thanks for discovering and helping us with this awesome process, Morty.

Alexandra Sathi, Consultant

I've always been held back by the fear of speaking in public. And, frequently, I was not able to enter into group discussions until we had met four or five times. This inability was limiting in my business and personal relationships because I rarely got my voice into important conversations in time to have any influence on the outcome.

However, just three days after my second session with Morty, I spoke in front of a group of new people four times, totally without fear or apprehension. Before these sessions, speaking in front of a new group had always been extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Now, speaking in front of groups and with potential coaching and training clients has taken on a lightness and ease. My first two marketing calls this week landed me two new coaching clients and my coaching has taken on a new clarity.

Morty's process is fast, effective and efficient and my public speaking fear is gone, period.*

Robert Medlock, Transformational Coach

I work as a liaison between the business and technology group within my company. This can be a difficult role in trying to bring two groups that don't see something the same. Meetings can be quite a challenge with different personalities, and interests playing out while you try to present something. If that isn't enough to deal with my internal struggle with myself, and the anxiety to perform was stopping me from succeeding at holding meetings.

This internal struggle would manifest itself physically and emotionally. In the morning of a major meeting, the thought would occur, call in sick that is the answer. I was so tensed up the meeting would be a disaster. The throw up factor was with me the whole meeting so I couldn't focus. After the meeting I couldn't even write up the notes for the meeting, as I had to relive the anxiety one more time.

I was offered "how to hold a meeting" courses by my managers, thinking this was the issue. I would think it is organization, eye contact and oh, yes the infamous see everyone in their underwear trick that I was missing. None of this worked. I realized it was inside me that wasn't working right.

I found the Speaking Without Fear website and it made sense. I needed to understand what was driving my physical and emotional issues around a meeting. I did have my doubts about doing this over the phone, but what did I have to lose there was the money back guarantee. I had my sessions and the changes for me were almost immediate.

In technology we have two words that get a lot of respect, Just Works. If something Just Works, you have hit the nail on the head. Applications and technology can have no higher recommendation from a customer in that it Just Works. Speaking Without Fear just plain works.

There was some hard work on my part. I had to be ready to see that the actions of today can be something from my past. Those old demons that we all have can play havoc on one's life. Once I realized that these issues were always there to be resolved, I regretted I hadn't done it earlier. But, here is the best part the road that lies ahead is the path that I make it without all of that old baggage that was stopping me from being as effective as I could be.*

Tom Searing, The Hartford

Well I had my talk today and it went just amazing. It couldn't have gone any better. My face didn't get red and my voice didn't shake AT ALL. I mean, I was a tiny bit nervous the morning of and a little before but not NEARLY as much as before and once I got going it was reallly easy. I mean, it just went soooo well, like more than I thought was even possible.

I was talking about the AIDS orphans and by the end the kids started crying!!! Afterwards everyone came up to me to tell me how they were soo impressed and started taking pictures and everything. One of the teachers told me that she had gotten sooo many calls that week from parents that were against two 18 year olds giving the assembly period because they thought the audience would take advantage of us, but she said she'd never seen a the kids more silent and involved before.

Thank you so much shelly. I gave the same talk later that night for a fund raising event that the high school was sponsoring and I raised over $1000 to bring to the orphanage in Thailand.

I got the adults to start crying too! woohoo! :) I've never felt so proud of myself and I finally feel free and powerful and respected. Thank you so much for helping me get to that state. *

Hopefully we'll talk in the future.

Thank you again for seriously changing my life.

Dale Ryan, High School Student

I cannot thank you enough. I am completely amazed with your work as I never thought I would be able to overcome this fear of public speaking. Normally, I would have found every way possible to get out of presenting but yesterday I went in and was very calm. There were a few nerves but no heart pounding,shortness of breathor quivering voice! What a miracle worker you are!!Not only did Igive my speech yesterday, I set up a spontaneous interview on camera for a video shoot. I never would have done this in the past either. Truly a transformational day.*

Thank you again, Shellyfor taking me in on Thursday. You truly changedmylife and I am forever grateful. I look forward to working with you in the future. I feel as if a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and can't wait to see how much lighter I can become.

Kind regards,

Margaret, Director of Marketing (phone number available on request)

"I have to tell you how much you have helped me. Although I was doing ok with my life, I knew it wasn't where I needed it to be. My beliefs were limiting me and working with you has truly been a miracle. I am now in a relationship for the first time in 12 years, I speak all over the West Coast (had a huge fear of public speaking) and I went from drinking every day to a very little on the weekends. The truly amazing part is how simple your method is and how quickly I see results. We have done in several sessions what could not be done in years of therapy and I am truly grateful. I thank you for giving me ME back. You are loving, honest and a pleasure to work with."*

Catherine Maley

President & Senior Marketing Strategist, Cosmetic Image Marketing.

It's hard to believe that we've only known each other such a short time, considering all the areas of my life that you've made such a positive impact on. I had no idea that when I initially contacted you for help with the confusion and anxiety I was having in a new relationship, it would also result in such clarity in my roles as a mother, daughter and friend. My improved self-perception and esteem has made it so much easier to be the person I want to be, or to work more effectively at the changes I've identified as necessary, in these ever-important relationships. Instead of avoiding conflicts, or automatically assuming that I wasn't worthy, as I had always done historically, it's now much more natural for me to focus on resolving the issues and knowing that it's okay for me to have what I need and want!*

B. V. H., Senior (Residential Real Estate) Underwriter

The Lefkoe method is a tremendously powerful tool for change. By identifying and unlearning some crippling personal beliefs, so many possibilities are available to me that weren't an option before.

It was hard to appreciate just how full my days were of self doubt, anxiety, and fear until that changed. The increase in energy as a result of getting rid of such strong toxic emotions is amazing…not to mention the freedom! The Lefkoe method has changed my life and I highly recommend it.*

Karen Gaines

I am very pleased to tell you that, in addition to the big one in Sweden, I also made about a half dozen or so theatre style trade show booth presentations at Dallas...all with absolutely no sign of fear or anxiety!

I cannot believe it. I actually was looking forward to my next one while in Dallas. I cannot tell you how much of a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I am now in so much more control of my career. I can't imagine ever being fearful to speak in public again. *

Bob Hunsicker, Unisys, Senior Product Manager, Malvern, PA


"The profound changes that have occurred in clients with whom I've used The Lefkoe Belief Process have awed them and me. I've seen phenomenal inter- and intra-psychic change in them. What is most encouraging about the change is that it seems to be immediately integrated into their lives. Moreover, it appears to last for many years."
Sara Staehle, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"The Lefkoe Belief Process is able to change the emotional power of the unconscious brain-wired beliefs we form in childhood. The client doesn't realize these beliefs are distorting his perception of reality. When the LBP 'unwires' the beliefs, the distortions go away."
Edith Jurka, M.D., Psychiatrist

"The Lefkoe Emotional Processes work especially well with phobias, weight loss and anger management. They resolve the fears associated with a wide variety of issues faster than any other technique."
Renee Hansen, M.A., Psychotherapist

"Learning how to use the Lefkoe Belief Process was much more valuable than graduate school. Shifts in self-perception and awareness which in the past might have taken several months to achieve are now happening weekly. The LBP is an invaluable tool which melds seamlessly with the psychodynamic model of psychotherapy."
Doug Warhit, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"Morty Lefkoe has discovered an easy, effective way to overcome problematic patterns and beliefs in one's life. I have personally and professionally experienced his Lefkoe Belief Process and its positive, life-altering results. I am convinced Morty's book, Re-create Your Life, his Lefkoe Method workshops, and his techniques should be read, attended and applied by psychotherapists everywhere."
Heidi Hendler, M.A., M.F.T., Psychotherapist

"I have been a licensed therapist for over 25 years and I consider The Lefkoe Method to be the most effective tool I have learned and used to support and facilitate significant transformation in my clients' lives. The Lefkoe Method is elegant, profound, and pragmatic. I have used it to address and resolve family of origin issues, psychodynamics, cognitive-behavioral problems, parenting problems, issues of co-dependency and some aspects of post traumatic stress disorder. I especially enjoy assisting my clients in de-conditioning emotions such as fear and shame from many of the aspects of life that are essential for ongoing functioning, such as negotiating, confronting, asking for something, setting boundaries, saying no, and making mistakes. Additionally, the processes repeatedly support and strengthen the transpersonal dimension for the individual so that the work is both psychological and spiritual at the same time. I love it!!!"
Barbara Witney, M.F.T., Psychotherapist

"The Lefkoe Belief Process is a highly effective way to quickly .... overcome destructive patterns and negative core beliefs from clients' lives. It starts producing positive, life altering changes in them after only a few months of weekly sessions. To quote one client with Bi-Polar Disorder and drug addiction (now in recovery): 'I'm amazed about how the puzzle pieces continue to come together. I'm beginning to feel whole.' This client went from living on disability and being unemployed, to being gainfully employed with full insurance coverage and regaining custody of his young daughter."
Elisabeth Wassenaar, M.A., M.F.T., Psychotherapist

"I've been in practice for 30 years and I have found all of The Lefkoe Processes the most effective method for deeply meaningful brief treatment, both personally and professionally."
Peggy Carter, M.F.T., Psychotherapist

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Disclaimer: Independent researchers at the University of Arizona published a study of the Lefkoe Method in the journal Clinical Psychology and Psycotherapy. They found that on average fear of public speaking was reduced to 1.5 on a 10-point scale in which 1 is no fear. So most participants had almost nonexistent fear. Results may vary.
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